Our Team: Joseph Lacina


Joseph Lacina is a Menlo Park native that brings fifteen years of experience in the trades, to the Pacific team. Joe holds an inside sales position helping educate clients on our selection of high performance building materials and innovative fenestration products.  

While attending the notable Peninsula School in his formative years, Joe learned the values of sustainability, creativity, communication, and general environmental stewardship. His love for the outdoor activities and physicality carved a path towards an active job choice, as a teenager, and in 1999 he began working for a progressive local craftsman, Drew Maran. From this moment on, the green building seed was planted and Joe honed his skills all over the west coast and down into Arizona, learning building practices in various climate zones, including snow and searing desert heat.  

Fast forward to 2017, and Joe has since lived on a boat, followed his musical passions, and acquired: a General Contractor B license, a rigorous PHIUS Builder Certification, and a California Real Estate license.  

When Joe isn’t helping make buildings more efficient, you will find him skating the local skate park, jamming on guitar, surfing, playing soccer and hanging with his road warrior, canine sidekick, Fennec.  


mobile: 650.804.1144