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Thermal Wellbeing 

Thermal wellbeing is a perfect balance of heat exchange between our body and the surrounding environment. Ray Magic enhance the feeling of a uniform, natural temperature. 

Improved Air Quality 

The Air Renew gypsum board converts VOCs into safe, inert compounds improving indoor air quality. 

Fast and Easy to Install 

It is installed directly to the ceiling framing in much the same way as traditional drywall. Ray Magic reduce labor costs compared to both forced air and radiant floor systems! 

Sound Reduction 

Ray Magic is a sandwich panel with foam and gypsum board glue together that provides effective soundproofing between floors. 

Heating and Cooling 

As opposed to radiant floor, Ray Magic effectively combines radiant cooling and heating! 

NetZero and Passive Homes 

Proven technology for green and sustainable architecture especially when the stringent Passive House and NetZero standards need to be met. It can be efficiently integrated with alternative energy sources like solar and geothermal. 

The Green Solution 

Choosing to live in a green home means choosing a lifestyle and a technology that combine comfort and energy efficiency. 

Perfect for alternative energy 

It can be efficiently integrated with alternative energy sources, like solar and geothermal. 

Energy Saving 

Radiant cooling and heating systems are more efficient than systems that circulate air. Up to 50% energy savings, compared to forced air. 

Better than radiant floor 

Heating from the ceiling creates a perfect, naturally comfortable climate, and because the gypsum offer very little resistance to thermal transfer and very low thermal mass, it reacts extremely fast (minutes).