Products: High Performance Building Products: PrimeGuard MAX Stainless Steel Fasteners


Work with confidence. 

Why install a fifty-year siding with a five-year nail? We make Grip-Rite PrimeGuard Max fasteners to stand the test of time. Certified 100% stainless steel all the way through, for maximum corrosion resistance. Not coated, not polished, not finished with a little paint. Solid Stainless steel, for real tough jobs. 

Nothing protects better. 

It's a fact. When you build with stainless steel, you're building for the long haul. Just look at the peak of the Chrysler Building in New York City— it's made of strong, durable stainless steel. It goes to show you can wrap up the job and walk away knowing you'll never need to come back because of a rusty nail. Chemistry is on your side. The power of stainless steel alloy stands up to the harshest abuse a building site can dish out. 

Whether you're a pro installing cedar shingles, or a weekend warrior building the perfect deck, PrimeGuard Max stainless steel fasteners will ensure that your time is well-spent and your work will last, guaranteed. 

You do the work. We'll make sure it stays done.