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Our Torrefied Collection is the most revolutionary idea to be introduced to the door industry in years! Have you been told you MUST have an overhang over your door? Have you been told you CANNOT paint or stain your door a dark color? Have you been told your door faces the wrong direction for a wood door? Now with Masonite’s Torrefied Collection you can forget all of that! The Torrefied Collection also comes with a 20 Year Warranty! This has never been heard of in the wood door industry! 

Torrefication is an all-natural “green” process whereby wood is heated over time in order to eliminate its tendency to rot. It also makes wood far more structurally stable and highly resistant to heat, cold and moisture! 

Unlimited Designs 

The Torrefied Collection is available in each of Lemieux’s 10,000 plus design options and custom designs. It is available in sizes up to 4/0 wide and 8/0 tall. You can even get custom designs, curved rails, with panels and/or glass. 

The Torrefied Collection is available in vertical grain Douglas Fir, Mahogany and Poplar. 

The Torrefied Collection is covered with a 20 year warranty against, warping, twisting, cupping and rotting. Because of its solid wood construction there are no veneers to delaminate.  

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